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How to make colour changing potions

Step into the realm of enchantment as we delve into the art of creating color-changing potions. In this guide, we will explore the secrets behind using Mica powder and different base liquids to produce captivating and mystical transformations. Get ready to unleash the magic within your own potions!

As a potion myself, it took me months to really understand how to make potions that change colour, besides selling and making them I also am an avid crafter, so I wanted to share my knowledge with my fellow crafters! Have fun! And if you are still interested in buying them besides making your own, you can find them all here! 

Understanding Mica Powder and Base Liquids: To achieve stunning color changes, Mica powder is the key ingredient. Mica is a naturally occurring mineral that comes in various vibrant shades. When mixed with liquids, it creates a shimmering effect and imparts a captivating hue to your potions.

Clean water is an excellent base liquid for color-changing potions. It allows the Mica powder to disperse evenly, resulting in a smooth and mesmerizing transformation. I mainly use clean water and you can even use uncoloured water as base, like I did with my Felix Felicis. Alternatively, alcohol and glycerin can also be used as base liquids, but they may yield slightly different effects. Experimentation is encouraged to discover the perfect combination that suits your desired potion.

The Importance of Airtight Sealing

Once you have prepared your color-changing potion, it is crucial to store it in an airtight container. This ensures that the enchanting properties of the potion are preserved, allowing for repeated magical transformations. Without a proper seal, the potion may lose its potency or become susceptible to external factors that could alter its color-changing properties. 

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Creating Your Color-Changing Potion:

  1. Start by selecting a clean, dry container for your potion. Glass bottles or vials are ideal, as they showcase the transformation beautifully.

  2. Add the desired amount of clean water or your chosen base liquid into the container. You can even add liquid pigments to give the base a different colour. Remember, a little goes a long way, so start with small quantities and adjust as needed.

  3. Gradually sprinkle the Mica powder into the liquid while stirring gently. Add more powder for a more intense color or less for a subtler effect. Experiment with different color combinations to create unique potions.

  4. Continue stirring until the Mica powder is thoroughly mixed, ensuring an even distribution of color.

  5. Carefully seal the container with airtight packaging, such as a cork or screw-on lid, to maintain the potion's magical properties.

  6. Shake the potion gently to activate the color-changing properties. Observe the mesmerizing transformation as the liquid shifts hues before your eyes.

Safety Precautions: While creating color-changing potions is a delightful endeavor, it is essential to keep a few safety precautions in mind:

  • Use Mica powder specifically designed for cosmetic or crafting purposes to ensure its safety for use in potions.

  • Avoid ingesting or applying the potion to the skin. Color-changing potions are intended for visual enjoyment and should not be consumed or used for external purposes.

With the knowledge of using Mica powder and base liquids, along with the importance of airtight sealing, you are ready to embark on the journey of creating awe-inspiring color-changing potions. Unleash your creativity, experiment with different combinations, and let your imagination run wild as you craft potions that will leave others spellbound. Embrace the magic and experience the wonder of color transformations in your very own concoctions!

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