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The Flaming Feather

Felix Felicis

Felix Felicis

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Do you need a bit of extra luck in your life? Does not everything go the way you wanted it to go? Don't worry! We got just the potion for you! Our little bottle with liquid luck will make you successful and helps you achieve your goals! A few drops go a long way.

When standing still, this potion is completely clear and when shaken it turns into a light golden metallic swirly potion!

- The bottle is wider on the top and smaller at the bottom

- The label is designed by me and printed out on sticker paper

- The bottle is about 9 CM long and holds 50 ML

- The liquid is NON-Toxic but not recommended for drinking

- The bottle is sealed with a gold white faux wax seal with The Deathly Hallows mark on top

- A little golden clover is attached to the gold faux leather rope that's wrapped around the neck

- The bottle is filled with a clear substance and when shaken it turns metallic gold, it settles after a few minutes!

*Please note that you are buying a piece of art and not a product. You are paying for my time and artistry, as well as the supplies it takes to create these potions, not official merchandise. Any use of material protected by law, such as "Harry Potter”, “Hogwarts”, etc., is for descriptive purposes only. I have not received any endorsement from and are not affiliated with or licensed by any holder of intellectual property or common law rights related to the Harry Potter series of books, films, and merchandise, any of their subsidiaries or licensees.

Questions and requests welcome!

Thank you!




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