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Flaming Filament

Wizard Hourglass dice holder

Wizard Hourglass dice holder

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If you are playing a wizard or maybe an arcane trickster you might love messing with time and memories. And if you have dice sets that you want to carry with you in style, we have the perfect dice holder for you! This hourglass holds up to 4 sets of normal-sized dice and is perfect to carry with you when going to your dungeons and dragons game.

- Fits 2 sets of dice in each side, so 4 sets in total

- Dice are visible from the outside

- Looks stylish and modern and can be kept on a shelf as decor

- Perfect for wizards, sorcerers or anyone who loves to mess with time

- Makes all your party members jealous

Example is printed in Mystic Rose and Purple

Featured is our Astral Plane Dice set, Lunar Sorcery dice set, Underdark Ore dice set and the Phoenix Ashes dice set

Get dice! 


This size holds 4 sets of dice, 2 sets in each side.

The Flaming Feather is an officially licensed seller of Stratation design.

Merchant SD-0209




This size holds 4 sets of dice, 2 sets in each side.

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Make sure to keep away from heat

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