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Flaming Filament

Mimic dice box

Mimic dice box

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Introducing the Mimic's Dice Chest / Holder, a must-have for any intrepid monster hunter or seasoned mimic aficionado. Designed to hold up to three sets of normal-sized dice (with two fitting snugly and the third causing a slight lift in the lid), this chest is both practical and fearsomely stylish. With its terrifying appearance featuring teeth on the sides and a wooden-looking top with a piercing eye, it adds an element of suspense to your gaming table. Not only does it command attention, but it also sparks envy among your fellow adventurers.

- Is a perfect match for any mimic or monster hunter

- It's perfect for up to 3 sets of normal-sized dice (it fits 2 easily and the 3rd will cause the lid to be a bit higher when closing)

- Has a scary design with teeth on the sides and an eye poking through a wooden looking top

- Looks awesome on the table

- Makes all your party members jealous

- Bring your backstory to life! 

- Perfect as a gift to ttrpg players who love monster hunting or mimics who pretend to be your players

- Can be printed in multiple sizes and colors! (contact us for different sizing) 

Get dice! 


The example is printed in Mystic Rose

The Flaming Feather is an officially licensed seller of Ars moriendi 3D.

Merchant 334




This size holds 2 to 3 sets of dice

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Make sure to keep away from heat

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