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10 Dice holders based on your favourite Critical Role characters

Welcome, fellow adventurers, to a blog that combines the realms of Critical Role and the captivating world of dice holders! Join me on a journey through imagination as we explore a collection of exquisite dice holders inspired by some of your favorite Critical Role characters. These enchanting accessories not only keep your dice secure but also pay tribute to the remarkable qualities that make each character so beloved.

Call of the Sea Dice Holder - Fjord's Oceanic Power:


Dive into the depths of Fjord's captivating tale with the Call of the Sea Dice Holder. With intricate seashell and corla motifs, it's perfect for sea-themed dice sets. This holder accommodates up to 7 sets of dice, looks awesome on the table, and makes a great gift for ocean lovers. Personalize it with coral details and an anchor cork. Available in different sizes and colors. Dive into the depths and channel the power of the mighty Triton warlock. 

Feywild Wand Dice Holder - Fearne's Nature's Grace:


This enchanting holder, inspired by Fearne from Critical Role, features mushrooms and wooden carvings. Custom 3D printed in your choice of color, it holds one set of 7 polyhedral dice. Perfect for sorcerers, druids, warlocks, or clerics, it adds a touch of magic to your TTRPG games. Get ready to venture into the Feywild with this whimsical and customizable accessory!

Potion Master Dice Holder - Jester's playful personality


Unleash your inner mischief-maker with the Potion Master Dice Holder, inspired by the playful and mischievous nature of Jester from Critical Role. This enchanting accessory, adorned with a cute frog lid and potion bottles, captures Jester's love for potions and whimsical antics. It's the perfect companion for potion enthusiasts, alchemists, and D&D players who want to bring a touch of Jester's charm to their gaming sessions. With room for four sets of normal-sized dice, it's time to let your imagination run wild and embark on a magical adventure worthy of Jester herself. Let the potions brew and the laughter ensue!

Potion of Invisibility Dice Holder - Sneak Like Vax'ildan:

Tap into your rogue-like instincts with the Potion of Invisibility Dice Holder. Inspired by the ever-creative and agile Vax'ildan, this magical potion dice holder seemingly disappears when clutching your dice. Invoke Vax's elusive nature and let your rolls become as silent as shadows. It holds up to 7 sets of dice and is perfect toll roll all your stealth and slight of hand checks with. 

Spider Climb Dice Holder - Laudna's Enigmatic charm


Step into a world where resurrection and dread intertwine, inspired by the captivating character Laudna from Critical Role's C3 campaign. Just like Laudna effortlessly crawls along walls and ceilings, this dice holder captures her eerie spider climb ability in a chillingly stylish way. Adorned with intricate spider webs and featuring a captivating little spider crawling out in front, it perfectly matches Laudna's creepy aesthetic. With the capacity to hold up to six sets of dice, this dice holder is both practical and hauntingly captivating. Prepare to dive into a realm of dark enchantment and embark on thrilling adventures with the Spider Climb Potion Dice Holder!

Dragon egg dice holder - Thordak's scorching power


Prepare to embark on epic adventures with the Dragon Egg Dice Holder, inspired by the legendary dragon Thordak from Critical Role's first campaign. Embrace the fiery essence of Thordak as you dive into thrilling gaming sessions. This captivating holder mimics the appearance of a dragon egg, adorned with intricate scales that showcase its awe-inspiring design. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, it holds up to 6 sets of dice, making it the perfect companion for your dragon-slaying quests. Let the Dragon Egg Dice Holder ignite your gaming experience with its undeniable charm and fiery spirit.

Quill and ink diceholder - Scanlan's unforgetabble songs


Dive into the enchanting world of Scanlan, the unforgettable bard of Critical Role, with the Quill and Ink Dice Holder. This exceptional holder celebrates Scanlan's passion for writing and composing soul-stirring songs. With its intricate design, it becomes your creative companion, inspiring you to craft epic ballads and unforgettable tales during your tabletop adventures. With ample space to hold up to 3 sets of dice, it's perfect for all your performance rolls. Embark on your journey, unleash the power of your melodic inspiration, and compose your own legendary story


Wizard Hat Dice Holder- Vex'ahlia's witchy look

Indulge in the enchanting world of Vex'ahlia, the captivating ranger from Critical Role, with the Wizard Hat Dice Holder. Immerse yourself in her whimsical and witchy persona as you adorn your favorite set of dice with this mystical accessory. Crafted to capture Vex'ahlia's magical essence, this holder is the perfect companion for your tabletop adventures. It even has little feathers attached to it representing her love for her twin brother Vax. Let the Wizard Hat Dice Holder ignite your imagination as you cast spells and weave tales of epic proportions. With its charming design and practicality, it's the ideal vessel to protect and showcase your cherished set of dice. Unleash your inner witch and let your imagination take flight with this enchanting dice holder.

Potion of Time Dice Holder - Bend Time with Essek


Embark on an extraordinary journey through the realm of time manipulation with the Potion of Time Dice Holder. Inspired by the mesmerizing dunamancy and the experimental pursuits of Essek, the enigmatic drow wizard, this holder takes the form of an enchanting potion bottle adorned with intricate hourglass details. Immerse yourself in the precision and focus of Essek and Caleb's daring time experiments as you roll the dice with unmatched accuracy. With the ability to hold up to 7 sets of dice and a partly open design, you can glimpse your cherished dice nestled within the holder. Unleash the power of time and embark on epic quests with unwavering confidence and style.


Crystal Dice wand - Fresh Cut grass's ancient magic

Unleash the mesmerizing power of arcane magic with the Crystal Dice Wand, a stunning tribute to the enchanting world of Aeormatons. Crafted with intricate detail, this wand holds one set of dice, ensuring the safekeeping of your favorite dice collection. As you channel the arcane arts, let the wand's ethereal essence guide your rolls, capturing the essence of Fresh Cut Grass and the enigmatic F.R.I.D.A. Embrace the sweet yet potent aesthetic of these mystical entities and embark on extraordinary adventures with the Crystal Dice Wand as your arcane companion. Elevate your gaming experience and let the magic unfold with every roll.

In need of some dice? We got those too!

With these exquisite dice holders inspired by your favorite Critical Role characters, your tabletop gaming experiences will transcend the ordinary. Let them serve as a reminder of the captivating tales, memorable characters, and endless possibilities that await in the world of Critical Role. So, roll the dice, unleash the magic, and embark on your own extraordinary journey!

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