Meet the Maaike

Hey! I'm Maaike, a graphic designer by day and a passionate potion maker by night. I graduated from Avans University back in 2020, right in the midst of the challenging COVID-19 pandemic. Determined to explore my creative side while juggling my part-time gig as a fashion photographer, I stumbled upon the enchanting art of potion making. Growing up with the magical world of Harry Potter, brewing potions was like unlocking a hidden talent within myself. What started as a personal hobby, quickly evolved into something more. I decided to take a leap of faith and put my potions up for sale on Etsy. And guess what? It wasn't long before my very first sale came rolling in!

I love adding magic to other people their homes and decided to reach for a wider audience. And that's why you find yourself here today, exploring my little corner of the internet.

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  • Designing

    Let me share a little story about how my creative journey took off. Around the age of 15, I stumbled upon Photoshop and fell head over heels for it. Inspired by the album art of my favorite band, Imagine Dragons, I started creating my own photo manipulations. It was through this process that I discovered my deep passion for Multimedia Design.

  • Magic

    Growing up, I was absolutely hooked on books and movies. They were my constant companions, especially during those memorable holiday trips where I practically had a book glued to my hands 24/7. But out of all the stories that swept me away, it was the enchanting wizarding world that stole my heart. Oh, the joy I felt when I was sorted into Hufflepuff! At school I found a group of friends who shared the same love for Harry Potter. This magical bond carried on with me through high school and university.

  • Photography

    During my university years, I pursued a degree in Multimedia Design, an exciting field that encompassed a wide array of creative elements. Among all the fascinating subjects, photography held a special place in my heart.
    I find immense joy in exploring the world through my lens, discovering the hidden beauty in everyday scenes and uncovering the extraordinary in the ordinary. I bought my first camera in 2019 and still use it to this day!