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The Flaming Feather

Unicorn Blood Candle

Unicorn Blood Candle

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This 100% Rapeseed candle contains a foresty scent. It is very fresh and has a unique scent, to represent the forbidden forest and the mysterious nature of the unicorn. Although this candle will not give you eternal life when burned, it will be a nice addition to any shelf. 

The jar is ceramic with a very unique design. The top layer of the candle is a grey purple with glitter and a dried flower mixed in it.

The big candle is around 8cm high and 8cm wide, which makes it quite a big candle. It has around 50 burn hours. 

The small candle is around 5cm wide and 5cm high and has up to 20 burn hours. This candle is not decorated due to its size. But the very beautiful ceramic jar will still be a beautiful addition to any home. 

Some burning tips

- Keep out of reach of children

- Cut the wick if the flame is getting too high

- Make sure to never leave your candle alone always stay near it

- Fully extinguish your candle by covering the top with something fireproof or wait for the smoke to stop. 

- Don't move or touch the jar when it's still hot





Care information

Make sure to keep away from heat

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